Carter Family History

The last name Carter has been established in Europe for over 900 years. In the sixteenth century a large group of settlers known as Carter’s migrated across from central Europe. Carter is the 63rd most common last name in the world. Buckinghamshire currently holds the largest density of people with the surname Carter.

Carter Traits

Carter’s are believed to be linked to Mars which causes them to often be intelligent. Since they often lack the good level of conscientiousness, they partake in a losing battle in any attempts they make to be outgoing. It has been known for members of this family to avoid a romantic situation, often over analysing the possibilities.

Famous Carter’s

There are a number of famous Carter’s including:-

  • Javier Carter
  • Long Carter

The earliest documentation of the family name was discovered in the county of Maidstone in England. It is believed there are around 100 with the last name Carter residing and working in Europe. The estimated life expectancy of a Carter is 81 years and 3 months.
More Carter Profiles

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