The Smith Family History

Recent research has estimated that the last name Smith has been around for nearly 900 years. Smith was originally from British origins. In the sixteenth century a large group of settlers known as Smith’s migrated to Australia. World wide there are approximately 38599 people with this last name. A survey taken by H.M. Treasury in 1944 found popular use of this surname. If a certain legal document is to be believed the 18th century Smith’s liked a drink or three. In year a man named Blake Smith was jailed for attacking another man. Smith’s are contradictory, egocentric and reliable. The name is linked with Mars, the planet of legacies. Changing horses in the middle of the stream is another small quirk in the Smith personality which makes decision making, and carrying through a decision particularly difficult. Like children, they require attention, admiration, and energy, getting upset if they don’t get what they want. The estimated average life expectancy of a Smith is 92 years and 3 months. By reviewing public death records we can calculate the average life expectancy of a Smith is 92.

The most famous Smith’s are:-

Will Smith – famous for Men in Black and Fresh prince of Belair

Mr & Mrs Smith – A film with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Not one Jenifer Aniston likes to watch much.

The Smith Family

Tatiana Smith – Charlene Smith – Anastasia Smith – Kenny Smith – Lawerence Smith – Alfredo Smith – Richard Smith – Madge Smith – Lelia Smith – Lida Smith – Sergio Smith – Elden Smith – Josef Smith – Mona Smith – Lauren Smith – Benjamin Smith – Bethany Smith – April Smith – Dianna Smith – Hilda Smith – Lindsey Smith – Nancy Smith – Eldon Smith – Frankie Smith – Angeline Smith – Sondra Smith – Dirk Smith – Solomon Smith – Terri Smith – Kelvin Smith – Raven Smith – Dessie Smith – Britney Smith – Ernie Smith – Bettina Smith – Edythe Smith – Michaela Smith – Sammie Smith – Lucile Smith – Celina Smith – Jarrod Smith – Carole Smith – Darren Smith – Carlo Smith – Gerald Smith – Valentina Smith – Melvina Smith – Bart Smith – Dena Smith – Evon Smith – Chantel Smith – Laurel Smith – Neva Smith – Marlyn Smith – Tessa Smith – Jolene Smith – Collette Smith – Abbey Smith – Ferdinand Smith – Chris Smith

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