The Taylor Surname

The surname Taylor has an established history in the UK dating back to the middle ages. Taylor is a early British occupational surname. A Tailor is someone who makes and alters clothes. During the time of the British Empire the surname spread with the colonies to areas of America, Asia, India and Australia. The recently published nineteen eleven census for the UK shows the largest number of Taylor’s in the county of Bedfordshire. If history is to be believed the late nineteenth century Taylor’s liked a drink or two.

Taylor Traits
Elusive, egocentric and reliable are common traits often associated with the Taylor’s. In love they are unimaginative, not intentionally so but because of their basic inconsistency of their emotional personality.

Most famous Taylor’s
There are some famous Taylor’s…
Gail Taylor
Sophie Taylor
Claudette Taylor

The first documentation of the family name Taylor was discovered in the county of Warwickshire in England. There are approximately 150 with the last name Taylor currently residing in Great Britain. The estimated life expectancy of a Taylor is 75 years and 3 months.

The Taylor Family

Majorie Taylor – Roslyn Taylor – Stacy Taylor – Roxane Taylor – Ronda Taylor – Elizebeth Taylor – Alphonso Taylor – Janette Taylor – Teresita Taylor – Ollie Taylor – Wilma Taylor – Clement Taylor – Starla Taylor – Hazel Taylor – Ilene Taylor – Cornelia Taylor – Wilbert Taylor – Michele Taylor – Noel Taylor – Jesse Taylor – Marjory Taylor – Claude Taylor – America Taylor – Oscar Taylor – Darrick Taylor – Blaine Taylor – Chad Taylor – Phillis Taylor – Elise Taylor – Pam Taylor – Sherita Taylor – Judith Taylor – Sarah Taylor – Leo Taylor – Dayna Taylor – Mittie Taylor – Jeff Taylor – Percy Taylor – Tara Taylor – Harriet Taylor – Naomi Taylor – Ione Taylor – Adelaida Taylor – Clifford Taylor – Bertram Taylor – Bo Taylor – Clifton Taylor – Caleb Taylor – Elmo Taylor – Dawn Taylor – William Taylor – Nestor Taylor – Efren Taylor – Ezequiel Taylor – Sunny Taylor – Greg Taylor – Patsy Taylor – Rodrigo Taylor

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